For Unit Leaders and Jamboree Promoters

The World Jamboree is a scouting experience like no other. It will change the lives of all who attend. We, the US Contingent, want to provide that life-changing opportunity to as many scouts as possible. As a unit leader or council, district, or regional executive, you are uniquely positioned to help us have this impact by recruiting Jamboree participants, adult leaders, and IST (staff). This page compiles our best resources to help you do just that.

Our Resources page has pre-made flyers, posters, powerpoint presentations, videos, and even promotional emails available for your use. These resources are regularly updated as we continue to create more resources for you to use. Check back regularly to see what’s new.

Our Blog is a treasure trove of information describing both the Jamboree itself as well as the preparation and logistics leading up to the event. By clicking the “Jamboree Experience” tab, you’ll find posts which provide a taste of the magic of the World Jamboree. These are designed to highlight those features that make the World Jamboree unique, particularly in comparison to a National Jamboree.

One of the most effective promotional strategies is to talk to Scouts, Scouters, and Parents in person. The Frequently Asked Questions page is a good way to quickly learn basic Jamboree information so you can answer any questions and comments that come up. The Application Information blog post also provides much of the important, basic information about the contingent. The Apply and Scholarship pages provide detailed information about the application process, the scholarship system, the Contingent Cost, and the Contingent Refund Policy. These pages also link to the contingent application and scholarship application for anyone ready to apply.

The Parent page, like this page, compiles the most important and relevant information for parents. This is a fine place to direct parents curious for more information.

Lastly, the contingent is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Informational and promotional updates are regularly posted. Feel free to share contingent social media content on your own unit, council, district, or regional social media accounts or however you communicate with scouts and scouters. The Jamboree Host Team also has a social media presence that can be used similarly. Good luck with your recruitment! We look forward to seeing you and your scouts in 2019!