The Korea Scout Association (KSA) will host the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Image used under Creative Commons licensing from World Scouting.

The Jamboree Blues, and What to do About Them

The Jamboree leaves a big gap in one’s life when it ends. After spending months (or years) of preparation and two incredible weeks living side by side in our global fellowship of scouts, learning about peace and about one another, it can be difficult to take off our neckers and return to our normal lives. No matter what you do, the 24th World Scout Jamboree will always live with you, but here are some of the things you can do to help carry it back home and to ease the post-Jamboree Blues a little.

Share Your Experience

If you haven’t done so already, go through your photos from the Jamboree and share your favorites on social media. This lets you relive some of the fun and allows your friends and family back home to have a taste of the experience as well.

Only a few of us could attend the Jamboree but that doesn’t mean it can’t inspire even more people. We need your help to spread the word. Share the friends you met, the patches you traded, the memories you made, and the lessons you learned about the world and about our scout movement.

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

Be Engaged

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

The Jamboree was just the start of our mission to make the world a better place. Don’t let the conversation about the Sustainable Development Goals, about diversity and inclusion, and about building a better world end with the Jamboree. We have only 10.5 years to accomplish the SDGs and we need both you and your local unit, OA Lodge, Venturing Officers Association, Council, Camp, and community’s help to achieve them. Use the resources in our Join-in-Jamboree program, at,, and whatever else you and your friends come up with to bring the Jamboree back home and to build a better world. Remember: Think Global, Act Local.

Stay In Touch with Jamboree on the Air and the Internet (JOTA/JOTI)

Stay in touch with your new friends! Jamboree has always built life-long friendships and Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. make it easier than ever to remain in touch with your Jamboree friends. Once again, Jamboree was just the begining. You’ll find your whole life (or at least Instagram feed) will look more international now.

Also, consider using JOTI/JOTA to reconnect with friends or to make new ones. Ask your local council about nearby Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) events or go to to learn about how to participate in Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI). These are both free WOSM events held every October (on the 19-20th this year). There’s a patch in it for you and it’s a chance to savor some of that Jamboree magic once again.

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

Future World Scouting Events

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

Jamborees aren’t the only place to get in touch with scouts from around the world. JamCam and EuroJam are coming up next year. JamCam is an Interamerican Region event held, this year, in Brazil. EuroJam is a European Region Event held, this year, in Poland. Go to the BSA International Department website to learn more about the BSA Contingent to these events. These will be much smaller, more unique international experiences for you and/or your patrol to attend. Talk to your International Representative or the BSA International Department if you’re interested in attending.

The 16th World Scout Moot, hosted by Scouting Ireland, is coming up in 2021. The Moot is a specially designed event for “Rovers,” scouts aged 18-25 by the time of the event. A completely unique event, the Moot places participants in international patrols (made entirely of scouts from other countries) and sends them to one of about 30 Trail centers around Ireland. The Trail program allows a unique look at Ireland by providing area-specific programing and several days to explore the center. The latter half of the Moot will resemble a small World Jamboree (about 5,000-6,000 scouts) with a specially catered program for young adults. Learn more here and express interest by emailing the BSA International Department at

Of course, we have to mention the next Jamboree in Saemangeum, Korea. Returning to the World Scout Jamboree is a great way to reconnect with international friends and to experience the Jamboree all over again. If you were a participant at this Jamboree, you will also get to see the Jamboree from a whole different side as a member of the IST or as an Adult Leader.

If Korea seems too far away or out of your budget (but remember, you have four years to fundraise), the Summit will also be hosting the 2023 JamCam, and your new world scouting expertise will be ideal to help us host the Interamerican Region. Be part of the second ever World Scout event to be hosted at the Summit.

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

More Opportunities

You can also create your own international scouting adventures. Kandersteg International Scout Centre (aka Baden-Powell’s “Permanent Mini-Jamboree”) in Switzerland draws scouts from around the world all year round. You can also organize an international trip to scout camps or events with the help of your local International Representative. One popular option is to be part of an international scout camp staff. 

More information on all things BSA International Scouting can be found at You can also contact your Council’s International Representative for more information and to learn more about how to be involved with International Scouting efforts in your local council.

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

Follow WOSM

Meet the 24WSJ Host Team on their Facebook Page #MeetTheTeamMondays

Finally, if you were inspired by WOSM and the Better World tent (we sure were), then stay tuned for the World Scout Conference and Youth Forum in Egypt next summer. The World Scout Conference is a triennial event during which WOSM’s agenda is set. Young people can also contribute to the decision making process online here; The Youth Forum planners, including Jamboree Dream Team Member Diana Carrillo, are working hard to engage as many youth members of our movement in the decision making process as possible.

World Scouting also has a great social media presence which means you never have to be too far away from hearing the latest and greatest from the rest of our movement. Find WOSM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and

Be a Messenger of Peace

In the end, there are countless ways to keep the spirit of the Jamboree alive; the only question is how you will choose to do so. Jamboree has changed all of our lives. Now, we have a mission to use the Jamboree to change the world. Be a Messenger of Peace.

The post was originally posted on August 5, 2019 by

Ben Beese

US Contingent Webmaster

The post was originally posted on August 5, 2019 by

Ben Beese

US Contingent Webmaster

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