The Korea Scout Association (KSA) will host the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Image used under Creative Commons licensing from World Scouting.

Traveling in Style: An Update

The following information will help in preparing for your travel to and from the World Scout Jamboree.

Travel attire – All Scouts should travel in their field uniform, including the USA neckerchief!!!

Air Travel Identification

All Scouts and Leaders 18 years or older must have a valid travel identification document. Generally, a driver’s license is acceptable (in some states it may not be). A passport is always acceptable.  All tickets were booked using group bookings. What this means is that on June 18th, all names are provided to the airlines from the list of names in the registration system. The name on the travel document (driver’s license/passport/government issued ID) must exactly match the name as shown on the ticket. It is imperative that the name recorded in the BSA Jamboree registration system matches the travel document you intend to use. If there are any corrections that need to be made these must be done prior to the ticket being issued (May 15)

Travel Letter

Each scout under age 18 must provide a “travel letter” signed by their parent or guardian to their unit leader indicating they are traveling with the approval of a parent or guardian. Please use the form provided which is attached to this document. Those traveling by air can expedite security by also having a picture ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)


Each participant has been provided with a duffle bag and day pack. This should be the only luggage brought to the Jamboree. The four adult leaders are allowed one additional bag (provided by them). Any additional bags can create issues during troop movements. For units traveling by air, the four additional adult bags have been paid for. All bags traveling by air must weigh less than 50 lbs. Any charges for overweight bags are the responsibility of the person with the overweight bag. Please weigh your bag before arriving at the airport.

Hub Locations

All hub locations (departure points) have been set by the CMT logistics team. There are many factors that have gone into determining which units fly, which units travel by bus, what is the actual hub address (bus), what time does the bus depart the hub location, what time does a flight leave, etc.  Distance from The Summit, air cost versus bus cost, logistical efficiencies (cost), etc. are just a few of the criteria evaluated. Units traveling by bus will be asked to provide a suggested specific hub location, but the logistics team will make the final decision. For those traveling by air, airport locations and flights have been set by the logistics team. Acquiring seats from a limited number of airports within a 12 to 24 hour period is difficult. Many airlines change flight numbers and departure times around mid-year. Once units receive their flight time and number be aware that it may change.

Bus Travel Awareness

First and foremost, the bus driver is responsible for the bus. If bus issues occur, the bus driver will contact the dispatcher and solutions will be provided. The BSA will be contacted by the bus company/bus travel contract group if necessary. All buses are scheduled to leave their hub location at 5:00 AM (local time). The leaders also have the Jamboree Emergency Contact Phone Number.

Travel Expenses

Depending on the distance from The Summit, there are varying travel costs that will be paid. The method for paying the travel costs will be a check written to the scoutmaster and the scoutmaster will be responsible for ensuring the payments are made (luggage fees) and scouts receive their meal stipends. All units traveling by air will receive a “lunch” as part of their bus boarding process in Charlotte, to enjoy on their way to The Summit.

Air Travel Connecting Flights

Any flight itineraries that require a connecting flight will have “airport ambassadors” at the airport to assist in the transition. Also, upon arrival in Charlotte, N.C., there will be “airport ambassadors” to assist in the transition to buses. There may also be people there representing the HOST. Scouts should claim their luggage and look for the “ambassadors” for assistance. The bus trip from Charlotte (Gateway City) to The Summit is provided by the HOST.

Avoiding Problems

DO NOT GET SEPARATED FROM YOUR UNIT.  IF YOU ARE A UNIT LEADER, DO NOT LOSE A SCOUT. One potential problem we need to avoid at all cost is “losing” a Scout once they are under the control of the unit leader. Have a process for confirming all scouts are accounted for before any movement takes place (bus departs, plane leaves, etc.). NOTE: A simple process that works well is give every scout (including leaders) a number between 1 and 40 (or whatever the final travel group total is) and have the scouts count off. If a number is missing, you don’t move until you account for the missing person.

The post was originally posted on May 9, 2019 by

Ben Beese

US Contingent Webmaster

The post was originally posted on May 6, 2019 by

Ben Beese

US Contingent Webmaster

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