The Korea Scout Association (KSA) will host the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Image used under Creative Commons licensing from World Scouting.

Announcing Café USA

The 24th World Scout Jamboree will be one of the most innovative Jamborees ever in more ways than one. It will be the first World Scouting Event held at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve. It is the second WSJ held within the USA and the first to be co-hosted by three countries. The 24th WSJ will also host the largest US Contingent ever at a World Scout Event. Another, lesser-known innovation of this Jamboree will be the US food house, Café USA. In this week’s blog post, CMT Food House Coordinator Charlie Harbin shares what you need to know about Café USA.

Food houses are a hallmark of the World Scout Jamboree, serving food from around the world to any Scout, IST member, or adult leader who wants to explore foreign cuisine, looking for a snack with new friends, or needing a break from Scout cooking! Food houses at the World Scout Jamboree are centers of fun, cultural exchange and, of course, great food. There will be food from across the US at Café USA, as well as regular programs to highlight the unique cultures of our country. This is the first time that the US Contingent has hosted a food house; we are hoping that the Café USA will be one of the top places to hang out at the Jamboree!

To make this happen, Café USA is recruiting young adult International Service Team (IST) members (ages 18-26) for its daily operation on Action Point. Assignments include cooks, greeters, servers, runners, cashiers, and audio/visual aides with some job rotation available. Both fun and time off are guaranteed! Everyone will interface with Scouts of the world and Jamboree visitors. There will be daily themes and regional food as well as entertainment to share. While many of the program and menu details are still being fine-tuned behind the scenes, we can guarantee that they will be fantastic.

To apply to join the Café USA staff, start an IST application on the Apply page and indicate Retail Food as your primary IST preference. Note that applying does not guarantee selection as Café USA staff as all applications must go through an approval and review process.  When you apply, please also send an email to so we know your application has been made and we can learn about your food service or related skills. (This email is strictly for Food House related questions and interests. For other queries regarding the US Contingent to the 24th World Jamboree, please email

Whether you want to join the Café USA staff or join the US Contingent in some other role, don’t forget that applications are still being accepted both to join the Contingent and to receive a scholarship.

We look forward to having you as a host in the USA Contingent’s Café USA!  

The post was originally posted on December 22, 2018 by

Charlie Harbin

Contingent Food House Coordinator

The post was originally posted on December 22, 2018 by

Charlie Harbin

Contingent Food House Coordinator

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