The Korea Scout Association (KSA) will host the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Image used under Creative Commons licensing from World Scouting.

So, What Happens Next?

Congratulations!  You’ve applied to the 2019 World Jamboree – USA Contingent as a participant or IST.  Here is what to expect next.

What’s Happening Now?

Your initial application has been sent to your local Council office.  Your council Scout Executive or her/his designate will screen your application, assuring that applicants meet the basic eligibility requirements and have support from the local council. These council-screened applications will then be passed on to the appropriate Area/Region team for review of unit youth and adult participant applications. The USA Contingent Management Team will make final approval of unit participants, with notifications going to participants (youth and adults) as soon as they are fully approved to join the 2019 USA Contingent.

Similarly, all IST applicants will be screened for approval by their individual home councils. Once they are approved and reviewed by the USA CMT, their names will be sent to the Host activity team lead of their first choice for IST service. It is anticipated that further approvals may not happen by each 1st choice team leader immediately. The speed of your application review depends on many factors.  Some participants may receive word in early 2018, while some IST may not hear until late 2018 or even 2019.  

For adults who have indicated a desire to be a unit leader, their approved applications will be passed on to the appropriate Regional commissioner and their area staffs for additional interviews and vetting.   

What’s Next?

Participants (youth and adults) who are approved will be assigned a Region unit  – a group of 36 Scouts and four adult leaders (one of whom may be a young adult aged 18 – 21). The unit leader (Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor) will contact the participants in her/his unit and begin planning for the Jamboree. The unit may meet in person one or more times so that participants can get to know each other, elect youth leaders (SPL, three ASPLs, and Patrol Leaders), and begin operating as a unit and patrols. Other units may meet by telephone or web conference.  

The adult and youth leaders will be the primary point of contact for participants and their parents. They will advise on logistics, safety and health issues. The unit leaders will receive their information from the Contingent Management Team and their regional commissioners, who are the liaisons between the CMT and the units.  

This website, blog and the Contingent Facebook page will then start providing information on what to pack, what to expect and how to make the most of your World Jamboree experience. We will also publish bulletins on the website to help you prepare for the Jamboree.  

Because of the size of our contingent, and the logistical challenges of travel across our country, we will not be gathering as a full US Contingent in person prior to the Jamboree, like other smaller, international contingents may be able to do.  


As the host team makes decisions about staffing, IST will be notified as to their job and what is expected of them. They may be required to participate in specific training and program preparation prior to the Jamboree. IST will also receive communication and support from the USA Contingent Management Team.  

The CMT will communicate with the contingent via email, this website and social media (@wsj2019usa) throughout the planning phase and the Jamboree itself.

Jamboree 2019

The plan is for participants to meet their unit at one of the hub transportation cities and travel together to the Summit Scout Reserve. For some units, this may be a short bus trip. For others, it may mean a day of air, bus and/or rail travel to get to the Summit. Travel arrangements will be provided by the CMT and coordinated through the Region Commissioner team to the units. The USA contingent (along with the Canadian and Mexican Contingents) will arrive a day earlier than other contingents so that we can greet our guests and help them get settled on their first day at the Jamboree.

The USA Contingent will not be camping together.  Rather, as is the case at all World Jamborees, units will be interspersed across the sub-camps.  Your neighbors will be units from other countries. Tents, patrol cooking gear, tables, tarps, and various other unit appropriate items will be provided to each unit at the Summit.

IST will be asked to arrive a few days (or more) early to the Jamboree and report to their staff assignment. There will be a sub-camp (or sub-camps) reserved for IST members to live, camp, eat, shower and recreate during off time. All IST will have some time off to enjoy the Jamboree activities. Some IST may also be asked to stay onsite following the Jamboree to close out program and service areas.

Contingent units will depart and travel together back to their hub cities at the close of the Jamboree.  

Watch this website and our Facebook page for more information as we begin to notify participants and create contingent units. We can’t wait to see you all at the Summit in 2019!

The post was originally posted on January 8, 2018 by

Mark Beese

Contingent Adult Webmaster

The post was originally posted on January 8, 2018 by

Mark Beese

Contingent Adult Webmaster

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