The Korea Scout Association (KSA) will host the 25th World Scout Jamboree in 2023. Image used under Creative Commons licensing from World Scouting.

Happy Holidays! From the Belgian Contingent

Our friends at the Belgian Contingent put together the following article in celebration of this holiday season. They’ve shared it especially with us to give you a taste of Scouting around the world.

Since the Jamboree is an international experience, we interviewed Ben, a Scout from the US, as well as Federica, Lorenzo, Remya, and Serena, Scouts from Italy. Maybe you will cross paths with them at Jamboree!

When did you join Scouts? What role do you do you have now?

REMYA – I started when I was 12 (I did not join the cub scouts) because I had a friend who was a Scout. Since that time, I’ve fallen in love with Scouting – I regret not starting earlier. Now I am an assistant patrol leader. What motivates me? The friendship between our members, but also, above all, knowing that I contribute to making the world a bit better. It makes me a better person, for me and for others.

BEN – When I was 7 years old, my parents encouraged me to join the local cub scout group. At first, I was hesitant, uncertain that I would like the program. My father, who has been a scout for a long time, and my mother both knew how good the program is and pushed me to try it. Since then, I haven’t stopped loving the Scouting life.

Why are you a Scout?

FEDERICA – My parents were Scouts when they were young, so it’s a sort of family tradition. They wanted me to find a family outside of the house, friends to laugh with, experiences to live through, and to become a better person. But I am still a Scout today because I can’t do without it! I want to put a smile on the faces of the youth, and in doing so on me too. I can lead the young people on the adventure of their lives.

BEN – Scouting is, for me, a question of realistic optimism. Lots of people talk about making the world a better place and of educating young people to become responsible leaders but the Scouts do so every day in a concrete and humble way. I really started loving Scouts when I became a Patrol Leader. After participating in NYLT, I was inspired by my newly found capacity to make the world around me a better place. Whereas before, I saw the faults of our disorganized, poorly led scout meetings, now I saw a million opportunities to make things better and to help those around me. I am still motivated by this same desire to help the people around me. In particular, I want to help the scouts of today and tomorrow to realize their leadership potential, just as I had.

If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

FEDERICA – I would give more importance to the rights of girls and women; the rights to education and to opportunities to grow. I would make sure that each person had the opportunity to become whatever they would like to become.

Do you celebrate Christmas with the Scouts?

SERENA – Yes. First, we meet at the church to participate in mass. Then we have a party together.

LORENZO – At our group, we don’t celebrate Christmas with the Scouts.

What is a typical Christmas dish where you are from?

LORENZO – We have a lot, but the best (and the most well known) are the Panettone and the Pandoro. You must try them!

What is your favorite Christmas Tradition?

FEDERICA – Putting lights on the Christmas tree, and transforming a room into a festive place full of sequins, ribbons, and colorful balls is one of my favorite things to do.

BEN – Each year, my family goes into one of the national forests in the mountains to cut a Christmas tree. Sometimes this involves hours of hiking through the snow to find our perfect tree. We are always frozen once the tree is found, cut, and dragged back to our car, which makes the hot chocolate and pizza on our way home all the nicer.

What do Christmas and Jamboree have in common?

BEN – Just like Christmas, Jamboree is a special time when people enjoy the presence of each other. In both cases, it doesn’t matter what you are doing, it’s being together that counts.

FEDERICA – The unity, the joy, the friendship, the good humor, the magic…

The post was originally published in the Belgian Contingent Bulletin #1 on December 26 2017. It was translated and reposted here on December 29, 2017 by

Ben Beese

Website Young Adult

The post was originally published in the Belgian Contingent Bulletin #1 on December 26 2017. It was translated and reposted here on December 29, 2017 by

Ben Beese

Website Young Adult

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