Are you ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime?

Welcome to the official website of the Boy Scouts of America (USA) Contingent to the 24th World Scout Jamboree (July 21 – August 2, 2019). Participation is open to eligible youth (ages 14-17), unit leaders (18 and older), and International Service Team members (IST, aka Staff, 18 and older).

Find the latest information about this once-in-a-lifetime Jamboree.

We have left this website up for reference purposes only. Please note that we will no longer but updating it and that some of the functionality (e.g. applying to attend the 24th WSJ) is no longer available. Please go to for more information on upcoming World Scouting events and opportunities.  

Time Left to Jamboree

None! That was a lot of fun. We hope you had an incredible, life-changing experience. Now go out and share it with others! Keep your 24th World Scout Jamboree experience with you at all times.

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What is a World Scout Jamboree?

The People

The World Scout Jamboree is Friendship.

If you like to make friends, meet new people, and be social, this is the place for you!

Imagine making a friend from India on the way to get water, learning to tie your neckerchief the Swiss way while in line for your next activity, and stumbling into a Welsh party before going to bed.

With 50,000 Scouts from 160 countries living side-by-side, you are sure to meet amazing guys and girls faster than you can find them on Facebook.

Don’t miss what will surely be the largest party in the world!

The Place

The World Scout Jamboree is Adventure.

At the Jamboree you will experience thrills like no other.

Fly through the treetops as you tour the exotic forest canopy of West Virginia. Climb the world’s largest man-made outdoor climbing wall. Explore the vast aquatic activities which include kayaking, dragon boating, water rescue, fishing, and a water obstacle course.

Adventurers of all kinds will find the Jamboree an epic experience of a lifetime.

The Experience

The World Scout Jamboree is Life-Changing.

Those who desire to live life to it’s fullest should not miss this mind-blowing event.

One moment you join in an Irish ceílí, the next you hear a Brazilian drum circle practicing, then you share a Lebanese dessert while a French trombonist plays pop songs. As you trade patches with a Japanese and a Polish scout you come to realize that the world is both much smaller and much larger than you ever thought before.

The Jamboree will make you see the world, life, and yourself differently.